Poems using spanish words

When they told me I was going to España
My corazón turned amarillo
I was in the plane
I could see the estrellas
It was so triste
Those stars were all alone
But it was beautiful
Because the noche blended in with them
I started reading a book called Mickey el Ratón
After I got to España I went to a rodeo
I saw a lot of caballos
They were just in red and looked like a manzana
I looked up at the cielo
It was going to rain
I saw the perro eating a guineo
Then I went to Argentina
I knew there was going to be muerte
So I went home
When I got home I didn´t say a palabra of what I had done
Anyway my heart was so red and sweet I named it a manzana.

- Ivette Perez, 6th grade, Public School 61
fra Kenneth Koch: Whishes, lies and dreams - Teaching children how to write poetry

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